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Just another yellow beach umbrella
Yesterday I buried my Dad. The years finally caught up with him. He developed poor circulation in the legs, even though he wasn't diabetic, which led to foot sores that wouldn't heal. The doctors said the only way to save his life was to amputate his left leg and he wasn't having any of that. He was a good man, raised on a Michigan farm and learned at an early age how to do whatever work was necessary to get through the bad times like the Great Depression. I'm grateful for him instilling in me and my brothers, a level of fairness and a conscientious work ethic not seen often enough these days.

Here's a story I like about him being in the Army during the second world war. He has always been a fast driver and once on base rapidly passed an officer wife's car. She took exception to that and he was reported. He phoned her up to let her know he wasn't happy with her actions and that resulted a few days in the jail and a month of restocking shelves in the commissary. At the end of the month, he found his unit had been shipped over to Europe and he was left behind stateside for the rest of the war.

Two of my brother's friends from the LA area, which I've known since high school, were at the funeral. Living close to Hollywood somehow spreads it's influence when not a part of that culture. Allan built custom homes in and around the LA suburbs. He now lives next to a home where Charlie Chaplin once lived.

The other friend, Jim Peltz, is the sports writer for the LA Times newspaper, covering racing events. NASCAR recently took him back to South Carolina for a week to afford him the opportunity to get more familiar with their operations. He was telling me about covering the Long Beach Formula One Grand Prix. The operation to field just the lineup of cars for a single NASCAR driver runs 25-million a year, while for a F1 driver, it amounts to 400-million. I knew F1 was quite expensive when looking at the pricing their promotional merchandise, but had no idea it exceeded the national budget of some countries. MHmmm... maybe he can get me a press pass to take racing photos.

Although living in LA, Jim doesn't know the celebrities' scene. Previously, his reporting was for the Times financial arena. So now when at an event, his co-workers will point out someone like Jessica Alba walking in, he questions, "Who is Jessica Alba?".

Since I'm a Jeff Gordon fan, Jim let me know that when Jeff is standing in the back of truck being paraded around the track prior to a race with a lot of the fans booing and throwing stuff at him, is something he has gotten use to and regards it as part of racing when one wasn't raised in the Carolinas. Jim says Jeff is a very nice guy.

The other Hollywood influence deals with one of my nieces whose new teaching job places her working with and dating the brother of Brad Pitt. So, now I'll be able to get the Angelina Jolie related dirt from someone close to the source.
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Occasionally, some have wondered about the origin of my Live Journal name of Snowblind. A few have thought it somehow drug related. It's actually a song title performed by Judy Henske, from the 70s, dealing with unrecipricated love.


Fallbrook Sedgewynd gave to Nancy
Ringnecks for her coachmen’s fancy,
Eggs and emeralds, shocking garters,
Deviled prunes to stop and start her.
Nancy gave to Fallbrook Sedgewynd
Neither nods nor time of day.
Love is nasty, love is so blind;
Love shall make us all go snowblind.

Fallbrook Sedgewynd gave to Rosie
Twenty sonnets bound in gold.
Daily by her cot he’d mosey,
Rosie with her stockings rolled.
Rosie gave to Fallbrook Sedgewynd
Neither hugs nor cozy chats.
Love is nasty, love is so blind;
Love shall make us all go snowblind.

Love is nasty, love is so blind;
Love shall make us all go snowblind.

Fallbrook Sedgwynd saved his money,
Bought a bear and fed it honey.
A bear has little fear of Hades,
So he ate the luckless ladies.
Love is nasty, love is so blind;
Love shall make us all go snowblind.

Love is nasty, love is so blind;
Love will make us all go snowblind.
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It seems to me that using ethanol fuel isn't helping cut our dependence on petroleum. I've understand that the production of ethanol at the refineries uses petroleum. I believe it's 3/4 gallons of petroleum to produce 1 gallon of ethanol. Add to that the situation where ethanol doesn't have the same energy as gasoline and requires the use of 30% more to travel the same distance using gasoline.

This observation doesn't even expound on the use of ethanol requiring specialized equipment modification to keep from damaging the fuel components. I don't think those harping on the use of ethanol have done there homework.
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My brother made a web site for his home on the shore of Lake Michigan.


He used the beta version of Google Page Creator. He tells me, for $10 one gets a URL of http://yoursitename.googlepages.com, free software to make the pages without having to learn HTML and free hosting.

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These are from several weeks ago when I was attempting to mimic the style of auto ad photos of my Honda Civic SI

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No kidding. In some areas of the U.S. as many as 70% of the honey bees have disappeared, just disappeared. Bees are the primary source of crop pollenation and without it, in a majority of the cases, there is no food. The bee disappearance has now spread to Europe and Britain. There is grave concern for the world's food supply.

Some scientist now believe the cause is the radiation produced from cell phones and other wireless technologies. The radiation affects the bees ability to navigate and find their way back to the hive. "Use your cell, kill a bee."
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This is an example of why I look forward to the two-week period at the San Diego Wild Animal Park when they have the butterfly aviary display
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I bought a new camera bag.
I like that this one comes with a CD player and 6-speed.
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I was watching the last half the western "Mrs. Sundance" and immediately recognized the location. A month ago, I took photos of the Bronson Cave in Griffith Park. It's really a tunnel with three opening in one end. The Hollywood sign is hidden and is just to the left of the antenna on the distant hill.

Many films have used this site. The TV Batman series used the other end of the tunnel for the bat cave. One film had John Wayne driving a stagecoach through the tunnel.

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I enjoy watching the women play tennis much more than the men. With the men's game, it's all about the serve. The women play a game involving more to hold the interest.

After years of holding out against equal prize money, Wimbledon bowed to public pressure Thursday and agreed to pay women players as much as the men at the world's most prestigious tennis tournament.

Next, I would like to see the women play best-of-five matches instead of the best-of-three.
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